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I’ve spent the last five days at Origins Game Fair, the second largest gaming convention in the world, which is located in Columbus, Ohio. Several of us from the Wittenberg Role-playing Guild went up as a group to play and even GM a few games. I bought some cool stuff, got to talk with some industry professionals, and learned a lot from gaming and GMing. It was a really great experience and I’m glad that I got to do it.

Unfortunately, I’m very exhausted and sleep deprived by the whole experience so it’s going to take me a bit of time to recoup before I share everything about it. Don’t worry though, I have a lot of interesting topics I plan to talk about over the next few posts, especially some thoughts about my experiences GMing there. This is the first time I have ever GMed at a large convention and I found it to be somewhat different from doing it at the smaller conventions like WittCon. I’ll also be talking about my experiences from the other side of the table and what I think made certain GMs and sessions as a whole better than others. I also think I’m going to be going a bit off the rails and talking at some point about how companies can get gamers (well at least me, I can’t speak for everyone) to buy a company’s product at a convention like this. With so many products being sold, it takes something special to stand out.

I’ve got a few other ideas too, but I figure I’ll leave it at that so I can change as the need arises. Stay tuned!


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