JourneyQuest isn’t an RPG (at least not yet) but it’s clearly derived from one. JourneyQuest is a free episodic online series created by Dead Gentlemen Productions (makers of The Gamers and The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising) and Zombie Orpheus. It shows a dysfunctional party attempting to complete their epic quest, and almost never having it going as planned.

In the first episode we see that the party consists of a pretty typical adventuring group: a cleric, an Elven ranger, a fighter, and a wizard. But the wizard can’t really cast anything and never wanted to go on the quest in the first place! The fighter has a cheerful, kill-everything attitude and has had a few too many hits to the head. And the other two are just trying to make the most of the situation. There’s also a subplot of a Bard who has been tasked with following the group around and journaling their quest, despite the fact that they haven’t really done anything.

Perf never did want to join the quest and is constantly trying to run away from it!

Unlike The Gamers series, this is just about the characters in-universe and there aren’t any direct references to playing a role-playing game. However, the behaviors of the characters definitely reminded me of some of the more inane plans that players sometimes come up with. In particular, there is one scene where Glorion, the fighter, completely bypasses two of the puzzle traps in the Temple of All Dooms by doing something completely unplanned for. I won’t spoil it for you, but it was reminiscent of something that some of my players tried once.

I think the series drags on a little bit after a few episodes, but it’s still worth watching. And it’s totally free and even released under the Creative Commons Share-alike license (meaning you can do whatever you want with the content without having to worry about copyright infringement, so long as your work is released under the same conditions).

I’ll give a brief plug and say that a second season of JourneyQuest has a Kickstarter attached to it. They’ve already exceeded their goal for getting enough money for a second season AND making it a feature length season, but they still are accepting donations. If they get $115,000, they’ll even greenlight an RPG based on the series. There’s some nice rewards for donating too, including at $25 a DVD copy of Season 1, an HD download of the upcoming Season 2, and you get to coin an Orcish word.

So yeah, check out JourneyQuest on Hulu or elsewhere. It’s a nifty show that’s can make you laugh at the sort of plans that the players often come up with.


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