Supers, Nazis, and Stick Figures

Part 2 of the Traveller review is going to be delayed because I want to share about an amazing ICONS session I had last night. ICONS is a rules-lite superhero game by Adamant Entertainment that is designed to replicate the feel of 4-color comics. Andy (the PlatinumWarlock) ran an adventure for the Wittenberg Role-playing Guild that he called Achtung, Amigos! The description was as follows:

Called to look into the disappearance of noted anthropologist Dr. Anthony Arrington, the Huntsmen leap into action! Deep in the jungles of the Yucatan, it’s up to America’s premier superhero group to find the good doctor and his crew before it’s too late. But, what’s all this wreckage? And Nazis?! What are those guys doing here?!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a picture we drew of the final battle:

This all took place in a swamp in the Everglades. On the left we’ve got Dead-Man Walker in a Nazi swamp-skimmer taking out five Nazis at once.

In the center is a Nazi VTOL, but another swamp-skimmer crashed into it and lit it on fire. The Big Bad Nazi Leader with the black trench coat (who is totally a ripoff of the guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark) is stuck in the mud so that only his head and most of his 2 meter sword are sticking out. On the ramp is the remains of some Nazi genetic experiment. At the bottom is a swamp where Shadowman IX was wrestling with that super-experiment until High Voltage sent a devastating shock to it.

And on the right, we’ve got the heroes’ VTOL with Rebel Yell, Pinpoint, and Murphy’s Law on board using their powers at range. In the air is Rebuild who is flying and launched his rockets at the swamp. Floating off the side of the VTOL is Jacob Marley the ghost, who tried brainwashing the Big Bad Nazi Leader by telepathically forcing All You Need is Love into his head. But unfortunately that didn’t work because he had a Nazi playing German patriotic music on his sousaphone.

That’s ICONS for you. We had a blast and the stick figure drawings made it even more fun. Try it sometime!


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