Mandatory WittCon IX Plug

Two weeks from the time of this writing, the Wittenberg Role-playing Guild will be hosting WittCon IX: The Wrath of Con! It’s a full day of gaming at Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH from 11:15am-Midnight with over 40 events scheduled to run, including a Magic: The Gathering tournament and a live action version of Orc and Pie with real pie!

I’m going to be running a Savage Worlds Elder Scrolls game set in Summerset Isle (using my conversion that I released last week). Here’s the description:

Summerset Isle, the land of the Altmer (High Elves), has never been particularly fond of the Empire and now it seems their unrest has reached a new level with syndicates of wizards leading boycots of Imperial goods. Although the Emperor is concerned about this, he is more troubled by the fact that a member of the Blades who was investivating rumors of increased Daedra worship, but has gone missing since.

The Emperor is now sending a group of trusted Blades from across Tamriel to Summerset Isle’s capitol, Alinor, in order to determine what happened to the last person he sent and eliminate any threats to the Empire. Taking place three weeks before the Oblivion crisis, this adventure will allow fans of the epic video game series to journey into a never before seen land that is as extensive as your imagination!

This will be an investigative game which I’m hoping will lead to a suitably epic climax for a one-shot adventure. My plan is to have one pregen from each of the races available as a choice for the characters.

Later I’m running two one-hour sessions of Urban Arcana, my favorite D&D setting, using D&D 4e. I think the cover art for the original book (a d20 Modern setting) and the adventure description speaks for itself:
Urban Arcana Cover Art

In the world of Urban Arcana, dragons rule the boardrooms and bugbears rule the streets. It is a world where monsters and magic exist, yet the human psyche cannot fathom them and imagines that such supernatural events simply do not exist. some break that barrier and become aware of the strange world around them. And some are just trying to make sense of this new world that is now their home.

In this mission, Department 7 has assigned a group of agents to investigate some strange occurrences going on at the Astral Sea Casino in downtown Las Vegas, which is rumored to be run by the notorious Corsone Syndicate. But like everything in Urban Arcana, things are a bit stranger than they seem.

There’s a lot of stuff to be excited for in this con. If you’re in the Dayton/Columbus area on March 24th and would like to have an awesome-packed day of gaming, come to WittCon! More details and a full schedule can be found here!


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  1. Urban Arcana sounds really cool! I missed out on the whole 3.0/3.5 era, so I had never heard of it. Seems like a fun concept!

  2. Actually, I missed that era too because I started with 4e, but I ran into the Wikipedia article one day and fell in love with it. The book’s art is gorgeous, there’s some great ideas about the world, and there are some truly memorable NPCs (spoiler! like the leader of the Corsone syndicate that the group at WittCon will be meeting).

    Unfortunately, Urban Arcana suffered from the problem of having too much crunch and not nearly enough fluff. So I just take the basic ideas and then let my imagination run wild, not just with plots, but with characters too. Imagine a Wizard who uses an iPad instead of spell tomes or a Bard who uses a boombox!

  3. Urban Arcana was such a fun setting – d20 Modern was an interesting little system, but they had several good settings for it. I’ve only played one Urban Arcana game, but we had a blast – snooty, Zima-sipping elven wizards, tiefling street gangs, a drow stripper, and a paladin who toured the country as the lead singer of a medieval-themed heavy metal band. There was a lot of wacky and entertaining options for that game.

    The adaptations of Alternity settings were good, too – I believe d20 Future converted some of the StarDrive setting (space opera set in the frontier of known space). That and Dark Matter (modern magical conspiracy) were both converted Alternity settings.

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