There isn’t a proper blog post this week because I’m graduating from college on Saturday! I’ve been very busy tying up loose ends with school now, but in the coming weeks, I’ll be able to devote more time to the blog, prepare for my Origins games, and work on my big project, codename Project Prometheus, that I hope to be released at the end of the summer (If you already know definitively what it is, please keep the secret for a bit longer! But trust me, it will be worth the wait!)

Just for fun, I’m going to reflect on what graduating means from the point of view of RPG stat blocks.

Dungeons & Dragons: I get two new magic +1 Diplomas (which rumor has it increases your Intelligence, although it’s debated).

Savage Worlds: I took the Scholar Edge for my latest advance, which gives me +2 to Knowledge (Computer Science) and Knowledge (Psychology) checks as a result of my double-major.

Traveller: I took the Drifter career after my 18th birthday, but explained it as being a poor college student. Since then, my Education stat has gone up by 1 and “Started a blog” has been my life event. I’m going to be taking the Citizen career next term.

Risus: My stats are now JourneymanGM 4, Gamer 3, College Student 3.


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  1. Congrats man, you finished the race, now it’s on to the grind… or something philosophical like that 😛

  2. It’s only a grind if it’s something you don’t like. If it’s something you enjoy, it’s just fun!

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